The Brewery - Bridgetown Brewery




Located in Bridgetown next to The Albert Inn, Bridgetown Brewery makes magic happen! Started in 2008, the brewery creates fantastic beers that can only come from the heart of Devon. Beers that bring your taste buds to life. A real taste of the Devonian way of living.

Beers brewed include classic 'Albert Ale', and the amazing 'Realaleativity', 'Whaler' (keeps you rowing all night) and now 'BSA', which keeps you motor running!

Our master brewer, Giles Hawkins, has created these excellent beers and ales by using age old methods, coupled to modern technology. Combined with ingredients that really are locally sourced (we buy our hops from Newton Abbot farms), it comes together to make some amazingly punchy flavours, and a freshness that is second to none.

We're developing new beers and ales all the time - so don't forget to check back and see what we've been creating!

We're also producing some top secret ciders. We can't tell you more at the moment - but all we can say is that you won't want to miss out!

Wine? Oh yes sir. We're creating some wonderful wines at the moment. Lots more to come from your favourite brewers - Bridgetown Brewery!

If you're interested in becoming a stockist for any or all of our superb Devon made ales, or would like to contact you when we've not some news about our forthcoming wines, ciders and brews, contact us at today.